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Map & Directions

Map & Directions

The Fort Rouge area has some of the most beautiful parks, local shops, historical sites, and tasty restaurants within walking distance. This neighbourhood has slowly become more popular throughout the year thanks to its growing community.

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Fort Rouge Favourites

114 River Avenue is very close to South Pointe Park and has a stunning new sculpture built to honor Winnipeg’s Indigenous heritage. Even if you’re planning on going for a walk, the view of both the forest, rivers, and architecture will make a lovely outing. Make sure to visit all the other large green spaces around the neighbourhood like Mayfair Park East/West, Forks National Historic Site, Bonnycastle Dog Park, and Fort Rouge Park.

Crossing over the bridge, make sure to take a day trip to the Forks, where you can shop at any of their local markets indoors including; Teekca’s Aboriginal Boutique, Two Rivers, The Forks Trading Company, and Gilbert’s Stones. The Dominion Center also features pet supply stores, pharmacies, and even a pastry shop! Around the community, you’ll also find hair boutiques such as Lynn’s Hair Boutique, Massage Therapists, Martial Arts Dojos, and bookstores!

If shopping isn’t on your menu, we’re hoping these restaurants are. The Forks Market alone has over 24 local restaurants ranging from Mexican to Asian and classic American food! A couple of popular spots to order from is Habanero Sombrero, a family-run authentic Mexican restaurant that started as a food truck. Bindy’s Caribbean Delights are a staple for West Indian and Caribbean food, serving rotis and curry dishes. Nuburger serves homemade non-processed burgers with natural ingredients and has become extremely popular at The Forks Market. Lastly, Fusian Experience takes sushi to a whole new level with a menu that will satisfy your cravings. The Forks isn’t the only place with great food. Nearby 114 River, you’ll find Urban Prairie Cuisine, a steakhouse restaurant that doubles as a catering service for any event. Right across is Ruby Red’s, a small restaurant that specializes in barbeque and smoked meats. If you’re feeling something sweet, MoNUTs is a new caf that sells Gluten-free, vegan, and sugar-free desserts. Sips & Nibbles Caf serves coffee, tea, and a variation of delicious soups, salads, and sandwiches!

You’ll find there’s always something to do in this neighbourhood, even during the cold winter season. You can walk down to the river and do some skating or tobogganing! The Canadian Museum of Human Rights dives into the past and is an outing anyone can enjoy! There’s even a classic arcade room at the Forks waiting for you when you get tired of shopping. With so much in the surrounding community, 114 River Avenue is a great place for anyone to call home!